Stripped by Hew Rous-Eyre


September 2019

Men are afraid that women will laugh at them and women are afraid that men will kill them


Ollie is a self-proclaimed Beta Male. He’s into ultimate frisbee, vegan barbecues and playing the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat. When he volunteers to model nude for an artist, he’s hell bent on showing her just how woke he is. Lola doesn’t care if Ollie is a nice guy or not - she just wants to draw him.


When he won’t let her get on with it, Lola decides to teach him a lesson. Soon, Ollie starts asking if he can have his clothes back. 


Stripped is a tense comic drama that asks whether those “nice guys” are really all that they seem.


Lola | Antonia Kinlay

Revlon Girl (Park Theatre), Bad Jews (West End/Tour), The Suicide (The National)

Ollie | Charles Renton

Again (Trafalgar Studios), Escape the Scaffold (Theatre 503), The Dead Monkey (Park Theatre)



Director | Max Elton

Set Designer | Filipe Miranda

Sound Designer | Piers Sherwood Oakes

Light Designer | Ben Jacobs

Stage Manager | Nina Harding

Image Design | Luke W. Robson

Press for Stripped

★★★★★ "It is a play that shuns excess. Words are unfolded by wit, each thought picked up, turned around, and thrown back into the mix. There are no spare parts" A Younger Theatre

★★★★ "Stripped stimulates our thoughts and opens up a discussion - surely two of the main reasons we choose to go to the theatre" Theatre Broadway


"A superb embodiment of relatable situations" Everything Theatre