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Written by Alison Carr. Directed by Max Elton. Sound by Piers Sherwood-Roberts. Cast: Sophie Thompson (Feel Good, Present Laughter (Old Vic), Four Weddings and a Funeral).


Hello? Are you squished? Have I squelched you?


Stuff, performed by Sophie Thompson, was released on Monday 4th May 2020.


When a woman’s bath falls through the floor into the flat below, she meets her downstairs neighbour for the very first time.


Stuff is a witty and surreal reminder that we never know what the insides of other people’s homes look like and asks how far we might go for some space.

Written by Gus Crotty. Directed by Max Elton. Sound by Marcus Rice. Cast: Toby Jones (Berberian Sound Studio, Marvellous, The Birthday Party, Uncle Vanya) and Owen Teale (Game of Thrones, Rutherford and Son).


“People die doing the most ridiculous things. Changing TV aerials, falling out of the window putting their trousers on. Doing crosswords.”

A Case of Mistaken Identity, performed by Toby Jones and Owen Teale, was released across all podcasting platforms on Wednesday 27th May 2020.


On a park bench, Michael is joined by a man of grotesque proportions who has clearly mistaken him for someone else.


A Case of Mistaken Identity is an absurd and witty vignette, that explores the dark matter of…wrong place, wrong time.

Written by Amy Baty. Directed by Max Elton. Sound by Piers Sherwood-Roberts. Cast: Miriam Margolyes (The Age of Innocence, Harry Potter, Romeo + Juliet)


Harriet is 78 years old. She gets her nails done every week so she can sit opposite Tien. A beautician who is too young to mention.


When they unexpectedly find themselves alone, both women sense an opportunity but how will they make every second count?


The Last Manicure is a dark comedy that looks at need, desire and the brutality of growing old.

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