Since we launched The Painkiller Project, we've been overwhelmed by the number of brilliant scripts we've received. However, it's become clear to us that we will only be able to produce a fraction of the plays we'd like to and we find ourselves frustrated by the prospect of so much quality writing going to waste.

In light of this, we’ve come up with The Painkiller Pool: a place for directors and playwrights to meet.

The information.

We want to help facilitate connections between playwrights and directors.

To do this we want to keep a record of some of the best plays we receive and then invite theatre directors to read the plays which most appeal to them.

If it works, we hope to kick start interesting and fulfilling creative relationships between directors and writers who might otherwise never have come into contact with each other.

The method.

From now on, playwrights whose work is not selected to be produced by Bitter Pill, but who we really enjoyed reading, will be invited to become part of The Painkiller Pool.

If the playwright is happy to be involved, their short play will be listed in the Pool anonymously.


We will then select a group of directors who will be given access to the Pool - it will be a password protected place on this website.

Playwrights work will remain anonymous until the point at which a director who reads the script wants to be put in touch. The playwright will then be able to decide whether they would like to be connected with the director. We think playwright's anonymity is really important because it allows for the connection to be purely based on the work.


The purpose of the pool is to help support new these connections and our only hope is that it leads to future collaborations.

We think that because playwrights are only submitting short plays 500-1500 words - this will increase the chances of connections being made. In that sense, it's a little bit like speed dating.

Like with the project itself we want to get your feedback - so let us know what you think.

If you would like to become one of the directors who have access to our pool of plays please apply by filling out this form and emailing us at with a copy of your CV by 22th June 2020 10pm.

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